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It’s not a secret that there are a lot of opportunities for recreation for any taste in Lithuania. It has never been a revelation for the countries of the former social camp (first of all for the republics of the former USSR). Even being a part of the Soviet Union Lithuanian SSR had quiet a good income from tourism. Western tourists started to visit this country comparatively not a long time ago. Basically, the Germans, the Scandinavians and the Dutch tend to have rest in Lithuania. Their favorite resorts are situated on the Baltic Sea: Palanga, Nida and Klaipeda. You can often meet the English here. Frankly speaking for many of them Lithuania is first of all a good ground to have a business trip. It’s considered profitable to invest money into the Lithuanian industry in England.

Traditionally Lithuania is famous for three kinds of tourism: seaside tourism, health or spa-tourism and agri-tourism, which is becoming more and more popular. So, Lithuanian spa-resort Druskininkai gathered an entire collection of Prizes of all possible European tourist associations for the quality of its health service and the recently opened water park is declared as one of the biggest in Europe. Marine Palanga and continental Birshtonas also tend not to lag behind the “trendsetter” so they create multi-functional spa-centers. Klaipeda is considered to be one of the centers of yachting on the Baltic Sea, where regattas are annually organized.

Numerous farmsteads and cottages along the Neman channel and on the outskirts of the cities offer traditional Lithuania to all the guests where except for the “full immersion in a Lithuanian way of life” a tourist is offered horse-riding, fishing and cycling excursions.

It goes without saying that the city tourism and weekend trips can’t be left without attention. The leaders here are Vilnius and Kaunas. Although it can be strange but weekend tours are popular during the whole year and it is in the highest demand on the New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Kaunas attracts sports fans’ attention and first of all basketball amateurs. It’s Kaunas that has a Lithuanian national property – basketball club “Zhalgiris”.


Lithuania is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea and has a lot of mineral resources and clean unspoiled nature. So in the nearest future it...

Agro-tourism in Lithuania

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Baltic Seaside Vacations

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Winter Vacation

The fact that there are no mountains in Lithuania winter holidays here seem to nave low importance. The only exception can be made for the season...


Campsites in Lithuania have started to be opened only in the last two decades. Such kind of service being exclusively popular in Western Europe is...

Holidays on the Nemunas

The Nemunas is the main waterway in Lithuania on the shores of which there are lots of interesting cities and sights. It goes without saying that...

Sport vacation

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Yacht holidays in Lithuania

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Fishing in Lithuania is one of the best in Europe. There are lakes, rivers and the Baltic Sea where fishermen can have a chance to fish...

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The festival of Thomas Mann arts in Nida
The International festival of Thomas Mann arts will be held in Nida in the end of July. It is one of the most popular and significant actions of a summer cultural life in Nida. The festival attracts both citizens of Lithuania, and foreign visitors with it
The National gallery comes back to Vilnius
The National art gallery (Nacionalin dails galerija) comes back to Vilnius again. Solemn ceremony of its opening takes place on the 20th of June. In this new gallery the collection of arts of the XX and XXI centuries will be presented.
In hotels and restaurants of Vilnius there will be no electricity
Since the 11th of June, hotels and restaurants of Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, will start to hold the actions of protest against increase in the VAT rate up to 19.