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Agro-tourism in Lithuania

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There can be several ways of having summer vacations in Lithuania. The majority of tourists prefer the schemes that had been already tried by them: hotels, sanatoriums, some recreation areas in addition to the excursions along its outskirts. However more experienced tourists know that it’s impossible to understand all the beauty from the window of the hotel which is offered to every tourist in Lithuania. And there are more and more experienced tourists every year. Not so long ago such a trend as agro-tourism has started to be developed.

Rivers, lakes, forests – such tours, if being skillfully organized, give the tourists a chance to be close to the nature and could be very profitable. Lithuania doesn’t have the lack of ecologically clean regions and picturesque scenery. Lithuanians can’t be reproached with the lack of pragmatism. If they see some use for themselves it means they’ll get it sooner or later. Such vacations, except for the pleasure from communication with nature, give an experience of getting acquainted with people’s traditional way of life.

During the last two years some not very big farmsteads on the basis of simple peasant houses have been opened very actively. The tourists are offered not only comfortable rooms but also an authentic environment beginning from wooden plates to horse harness.

By the way each farmstead has its own specialization. There are special farmsteads for the horse-riding amateurs, hikers, bikers, fishermen, sauna amateurs and others. These farmsteads can also be divided according to the degree of remoteness from residential areas. Those ones which are very close to the villages are considered to be rural farmsteads but those ones that are situated on a certain distance from residential areas are considered to be homesteads.

National parks of Aukshtaitiya and Zhemaitiya are considered to be popular regions for agro-tourism. There are also numerous farmsteads on the outskirts of Druskininkai and in the town of Ignalina. Numerous guest houses are built on the shores of the Nemunas, the main river of the country. Except for standard comfort and entertainment a lot of farmsteads offer the tourists an opportunity to get acquainted with a traditional way of life of particular region. Any guest can be taught the skill to weave a tapestry, watch a stonemason doing his work and to acquire unique wooden souvenirs that will be made especially for you, of course if you wish so.


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