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Cities of Lithuania

From the moment of gaining its independence in 1991, Lithuania constantly competes with other Baltic states – Latvia and Estonia. Lithuanians compete with their neighbors in everything from the rate of the salary to the average speed of cyclists on the roads. It’s not possible to say unambiguously who the leader in this competition is. However, in one parameter Lithuania surpass its neighbors. This parameter is the amount of big cities. Riga and Tallinn are practically the only big cities in Latvia and Estonia but except Vilnius in Lithuania there are Klaipeda, Siauliai and Panevezys. The population of each of these cities exceeds 100 thousand citizens.

It goes without saying that Vilnius is the biggest and the richest city of the country. Having the status of the capital it has a lot of advantages: infrastructure, tourism and financial flow. At the same time Kaunas which was the capital of Lithuanian republic in 1920-40 has a jealous attitude towards the supremacy of Vilnius.

Above all both cities have nothing to complain about. Vilnius and Kaunas have enough opportunities to attract tourist’s attention. Architectural, cultural and sport sights, festivals and other events of both capitals continue the traditions of constant competition in Lithuania.

A separate topic for discussion is the towns of Lithuanian coast of the Baltic Sea. Klaipeda, Palanga and Neringa are the three whales that carry the planet under the name “summer holidays in Lithuania”. Klaipeda is famous for its museums, port and yacht regatta, Palanga and Neringa can be proud of their clean beaches, picturesque nature, dunes and a high quality of service.

Lithuanian resort cities are situated not only on the sea. One of the best European spa-centers is Druskininkai which is the most popular place in the country where tourists can have rest in any season. Among health resorts that are really worth mentioning are Birstonas on the shore of Neman with mineral springs and a cozy Zarasai.


Every European capital has its own characteristic features and symbols. In London they are mist and Big Ben, in Paris – Eiffel’s...


Kaunas is the second biggest city after Vilnius in Lithuania. Its official history started from the first mentioning in chronicles in 1361. It...


Palanga is the city which is considered to be one of the best marine resorts not only in Lithuania but in all Eastern Baltic. Being one of the...


It may seem surprising but in Lithuania along the Baltic Sea coast there is only one port. Its name is Klaipeda that is the water gates of the...


Neringa is a small and very comfortable resort in the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit. It is a peninsula in the Baltic Sea which belongs...


Being situated near the border between Lithuania, Belarus and Poland the town of Druskininkai has been known as one of the best spa resorts of...


While Palanga competes with Neringa for having the name of the resort number one in Lithuanian Baltic, Birstonas does the same with...


Siauliai can become a surprise for those who come to Lithuania for the first time. It was founded in 1236 and is the fourth biggest city in...


It’s very difficult to think of anything more symbolic for Lithuanian tourism than the city of Trakai . Being once a residence of great...


Panevezys is one of the biggest cities in Lithuania and the fifth largest by the population. This is an industrial city and can’t be...


Zarasai is one of the small and cozy towns in Lithuania. It is situated on the borderline with Latvia, the population is 8000 people. It is...

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The festival of Thomas Mann arts in Nida
The International festival of Thomas Mann arts will be held in Nida in the end of July. It is one of the most popular and significant actions of a summer cultural life in Nida. The festival attracts both citizens of Lithuania, and foreign visitors with it
The National gallery comes back to Vilnius
The National art gallery (Nacionalin dails galerija) comes back to Vilnius again. Solemn ceremony of its opening takes place on the 20th of June. In this new gallery the collection of arts of the XX and XXI centuries will be presented.
In hotels and restaurants of Vilnius there will be no electricity
Since the 11th of June, hotels and restaurants of Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, will start to hold the actions of protest against increase in the VAT rate up to 19.