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Holidays on the Nemunas

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The Nemunas is the main waterway in Lithuania on the shores of which there are lots of interesting cities and sights. It goes without saying that Kaunas is the first in this list. It is followed by numerous other cities, towns and villages among which there are such well-known resorts as Birshtonas and Druskininki and although not so famous but also such interesting places as Alitus, Taurage and Urbarkas.

Tourists should pay special attention to the scenery of the Nemunas because it really worth it. If the majority of such well-known resorts as Druskininkai put the Nemunas to one of the last places in the list of “must see attractions” then for other not very big cities the Nemunas is everything what they have. Among such places we can name the town Alitus. Alitus itself and its suburbs are known due to the Nemunas. The river passes through the territory of the region and has several tributaries (Pyarsheke, Myarkisa, Varene and others). Along the shores of the Nemunas is located Dzukiyskiy National park and also several old villages with native residents-Dzuki whose way of life has stayed unchanged during the last three centuries. In general Alituskiy region is an ideal place for ethno- and eco tourism.

There are a lot of unique places along the river bed of the Nemunas. It is the town Myarkine the only one in Lithuania that keeps the secret of the so-called black ceramics. It is also the village of Shvyandubre with surprising and original town houses and quaint fences. We should also name here a unique park “Grutas”- the reserve of the communism where the monuments of the epoch of developed socialism were transported from the whole Lithuania.

Holidays on the Nemunas is an opportunity to live in hundreds of rural farmsteads situated on its shores. This rest also includes fascinating tours around the cities which are located along the river bed; it’s also an acquaintance with the history and up-to-dateness of Lithuania, its picturesque nature the sights of which you can find in any tour guide of Lithuania.

With the aim of the Nemunas tour potential development a national project “the Nemunas tour route” is created in Lithuania today. Several dozens of tour routes are worked out within the scope of this project. A water tour route along the territories of Lithuania and Belarus is going to be the most popular. Lithuania restores mooring lines and piers in the majority of Nemunas towns very actively now.


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