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It’s very difficult to think of anything more symbolic for Lithuanian tourism than the city of Trakai. Being once a residence of great Lithuanian grand dukes, Trakai today is famous first of all for its castle which is the biggest architectural building of such a type in Lithuania. Trakai castle, which was built on one of the islands of the lake Galve, is today the most attended architectural sight in Lithuania.

Trakai is famous not only for its castle. In Middle Ages this city was a peculiar multinational colony. German craftsmen and practically vanished today ethnic group of karaims lived compactly during the 14-17 century in Trakai.

Karaimy is one of the Crimean nomadic tribes which appeared here after Vitovt’s military trip to the south. Vitovt presented the Karaimy with the right to stay under the protection of the serf walls of Trakai. More than 60 representatives of this nation have stayed in Trakai till the present time. Moreover some of the Trakai architectural monuments are preserved in their primeval state adding the eastern color to its medieval atmosphere.

Trakai is an exclusively unique city. As Venice or Saint-Petersburg it was built on the water. But in comparison with its colleagues Trakai doesn’t have any outlet to the sea. It’s surrounded by 4 lakes: Galve, Luka, Totorishku and Akmyana.

The medieval character of Trakai is used by numerous knights’ clubs that regularly organize their tournaments. The staging of ancient battles adds more effect to the Trakai castle. А tourist sometimes has a feeling that he is somewhere on a Medieval battlefield. In general Trakai exploits its historical heritage quite skillfully periodically organizing not only competitions for the knights in their armor but also different mass shows. A good example is the staging of the opera “Pilenai”. This performance is held in Trakai castle annually in the first days of July since 2001.

Trakai castle as many other architectural monuments of the city (kenassa of karaimy, the church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin) is the part of the Trakai Historical National Park which was built in 1991.


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