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Neringa is a small and very comfortable resort in the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit. It is a peninsula in the Baltic Sea which belongs to Russia and Lithuania. Neringa, in contrast to Palanga, is a place for family holiday, not for young people, who prefer noisy discos and dancing. Neringa is a calm, homelike and charming city.

Neringa is a unique place. There are no noisy highways, railway stations, municipal transport like in other cities and towns. But there are dunes, forest, seaside and small fishing villages rolling in sand. Neringa is the only town in the world the largest part of which is covered with forests. The unique and primordial resort of Neringa was put into UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

Neringa consists of several small villages: Nida, Yodkrante, Alksneene, Preila and Parvalky. At the beginning of the 20th century they were small fishing villages and were practically unknown. Today the tourists can visit the ethnographical museums and get acquainted with the way of life of fishers that lived here a hundred years ago.

Neringa became popular as a tourist place in the twenties-thirties of the previous century. Well-to-do Lithuanians started to build houses there and then the first tourists began to come from Europe. One of them, the Noble Prize winner, Thomas Mann was so much impressed by its nature there that he decided to build a summer cottage in the dunes in a pine forest. Nowadays it is a memorial museum of the writer.

The hotels and health centers in Neringa are the best in Lithuania. The tourists can also rent apartments and cottages here.

As it has already been mentioned there is no railway station in Neringa. You can get to the resort by a ferry from Klaipeda. This fascinating trip you will remember for the whole life. Neringa is a charming city that makes its admirers thrill with delight like a touchy beauty. You will certainly fall in love with this charming place and will never forget it.


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I visited in 2007 and was utterly charmed by the unspoilt beauty of Kursiu Nerija. I hope to return soon.


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