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It may seem surprising but in Lithuania along the Baltic Sea coast there is only one port. Its name is Klaipeda that is the water gates of the country, the center of yacht sport and the city which is famous for its marine resorts.

Despite the destruction of Klaipeda during the two World Wars the city managed to restore quite a big and quiet beautiful part of its architectural past.

Some buildings and stone timber framed port warehouses are really worth mentioning as the most outstanding places in Klaipeda. Three-storey buildings with sharp tiled roofs give Klaipeda some resemblance with Amsterdam and Lubeck. Such architecture is the part of the heritage which was handed down to the city from Prussians who owned it during the 17-19 centuries.

Klaipeda is famous for its museums. The most popular among them is the Lithuanian marine museum and its well-known aquarium with dolphins, seals and other representatives of marine fauna and flora.

One of the most popular places among tourists in Klaipeda is the Dane quay. The popularity of it can be explained by a beautiful view which opens from the quay to the refined sailing ship “Meridian”, the symbol of Klaipeda.

The Port of Klaipeda is becoming more and more popular among the amateurs of yachting. Approximately ten yachts, mainly from Poland and Germany, moor here every day. Taking into consideration the priorities of yachtsmen the city has recently opened the Center of Yacht Service. It is situated in an old mansion of the 18th century.

The sea is is the main peculiarity which attracts tourists to Klaipeda. Sailor’s romanticism finds its reflection in thousands of details of the city environment beginning from the restaurant menus to the miniature anchors on handle bars. Beach holidays also play a great role in this city. Despite the fact that Klaipeda is not so popular as Palanga or Neringa the city’s beaches are also full of tourists. You can experience it at the end of July when the city celebrates the Day of the Sea.


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