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Being situated near the border between Lithuania, Belarus and Poland the town of Druskininkai has been known as one of the best spa resorts of Eastern Europe for the last two centuries.

The Lithuanian “Baden-Baden”, as people call Druskininkai, started to develop as a health resort earlier than the famous European resort Karlovy Vary. In 1794 the Polish king Stanislav August, having heard about the healing characteristics of local mineral water, turned the territory of Druzgeniky (the Polish name of Druskininkai) into a health resort. The tsar re-declared Druskininkai to be a health resort after the incorporation of Lithuania into the Russian Empire. As a result the amount of holiday-makers was more than 20000 people at the beginning of the 20th century.

Druskininkai is considered to be the greatest spa resort as well as the greatest tourist centre in Lithuania. It leaves behind famous Palanga and well known Birshtonas because tourists come to Druskininkai all year round.

Lots of health centers and hotels were built when Lithuania was a part of the USSR and also many of them have been built for the last 10 years. The best and up-to-date buildings are the hotel “Repina” (4 stars) and the water park, which is the largest in Europe according to the authorities of Druskininkai.

Druskininkai is a famous spa resort. People here can improve their health with the help of mineral waters. Cosmetology is also well developed there. But the most important is unique in Druskininkai is climate. There are not any industrial enterprises near the town but there a lot of picturesque dunes and high pine trees. The Nyamunas and many beautiful lakes are good for fishing. In general Druskininkai is the place where you can have a wonderful rest for both body and soul.


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