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Palanga is the city which is considered to be one of the best marine resorts not only in Lithuania but in all Eastern Baltic. Being one of the most attended resorts of the Baltic States Palanga managed to retain its identity and not to lose its originality in the tourist stream. The spirit of its ancestors still lives in this city, which for several centuries remained faithful only to one trade, which is —Āonnected with amber.

It’s very difficult to imagine now but 100 years ago Palanga was one of the most prominent world centers in the processing of amber. Today some of the city sights have the evidence of it: you can visit the Museum of Amber situated in the city’s Botanic Garden and demonstrational workshops and buy numerous amber souvenirs in Palanga, but not in the dunes.

By the way, few words about dunes. It is considered to be one of the most peculiar places in Palanga. Being surrounded by the pine woods from one side and the city beaches from the other, dunes stretch for 20 kilometers along the coast. These dunes create a popular picturesque view which is replicated on thousands of booklets and post cards depicting Palanga.

There is also a “tsar-dune” which is called Birute. The highest point of the city is famous not only for its size but also for its legend about a beautiful pagan priestess Birute who tried to keep the fire on that land while waiting for her beloved man.

Palanga is quiet a romantic place. In addition to the city legends, streets decorated by flowery sculptures and numerous small cafes there’s also one important attribute which makes it an ideal place for all sweethearts. It’s a pier of 400 meters long that goes right into the sea. From the moment of its creation the pier has been considered to be one of the resort centers in Palanga.

Another tourist center in Palanga is Basanavichus Street. It was turned into a pedestrian street not so long ago and now it is the most popular way among the tourists for getting the sea.

Palanga also develops other types of tourism. The city emphasized on hotel construction that will offer to the guests the maximum level of service with spa and wellness. There also opened the centers of mineral therapy. The creation of a gigantic hotel complex with the entertainment park, courts and several spa-saloons is also planned in the nearest future.


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