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The Palangian smelt 2009

The Palangian smelt 2009
The Palangian smelt 2009
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In the city of Palanga, on the 15th of February, a traditional holiday “The Palangian smelt 2009” takes place for the sixth time. A smelt is a small fish from salmon blood line, silvery color and its taste reminds a fresh cucumber very much. In Lithuania people call this little fish “stinta”. The festivity devoted to this long-expected guest that comes at this period of time from the Baltic Sea on spawning season, is held with extraordinary magnitude. The visitors of the city within this festivity can get acquainted with the fishing traditions and the history of seaside, and in the main street of the city, J.Basanovichyus Street, any visitor may have just a taste of fresh prepared dried, roasted and smoked small fish, and a lot of other delicacy things prepared of a smelt. A great number of different competitions are expected to be held for the visitors, but the most exciting part of the festivity is night fishing and catching of a smelt from the pier. But there is also held the most pleasant part within the festivity - national dances and songs. In parallel with this event in honor of “The Palangian smelt 2009” the exhibition “The Culture of Maritime Territory fishery” will be presented in the City Library for the first time. There will be here the real fishermen with various fishing tackles.
If somebody wants to remind the previous festivity “The Palangian smelt”, it will be possible to get acquainted with the photo-exhibition “Sea cucumbers” that will be opened in the cafe of the city.

The list of actions:
8:00 - 13:00 the competition on catching a smelt on the pier
11:00 the Exhibition in the City Library “The Culture of Maritime Territory fishery”
11:30 the traditional entertainment for visitors and fishermen
12:30 opening of the festivity in the J.Basanovichyus Street
13:00 the concert “Fishing folk songs”
13:30 competitions on heaving up the anchor
17:00 competitions on eating a smelt - the final competition

According to the materials from the web-site:
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Date: 29/01/2009


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