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Vilnius will be the cultural capital of the Europe in 2009

Vilnius will be the cultural capital of the Europe in 2009
Vilnius will be the cultural capital of the Europe in 2009
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Vilnius is honored to be the cultural capital of the Europe of the year 2009. The European commission project “The cultural capital of the Europe” has been existed since 1985. Its initiator was a Greek minister of culture, Melina Merkuria by name. 37 cities have taken participation in it since 1985. The awarding of this title is based on the special cultural program estimation for every particular year. It is considered, that this title is not simply rank, but it is a year of the city culture crowning. Lithuania has been trying to receive this rank since 1998 and owing to every effort making on the 14th of November 2005, the decision of the Council of Europe was to give these titles to Vilnius and to the Austrian city of Linz. On the occasion of this event the special program has been developed corresponding to a number of European commission requirements: an orientation to the Europe: the European values and cooperation, and a civil orientation: the city-folk and participating countries should demonstrate their interest to the program.

The official name of the project is “Living culture”. Its subject matter is in creation, and not borrowed one but personal, belonging to every person. The main purpose of the program is to introduce the creation into all spheres of human life.

Notwithstanding that the year 2009 has not come yet, the program has already started fulfilling partially. This November 10 European countries (Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden) have already started the public relations advertising campaign, which is aimed to attract the visitors into the country and in particular to its capital – Vilnius. For carrying out of the advertising campaign almost 2,5 million Lithuanian litas has been allocated. More than 500 television advertising clips, about 6000 street displays, a lot of publications in mass-media, articles in a foreign press have been issued, the actions, devoted to Vilnius were held. “We are convinced, that such advertising and PR-campaigns will help to distribute the news that Vilnius, which is becoming the cultural capital of the Europe, opens its gate into the country celebrating a millennium of the name” – states Elona Byorinene, vice-president of a social institution named “Vilnius – the cultural capital of the Europe 2009”.

Opening of the program is planned for December, 31st and within a year its organizers are planning to hold about 120 cultural and art projects, more than 900 actions, 600 of them are free-of-charge.The experience of carrying out actions of the kind demonstrates that the quantity of foreign visitors to these cities increases about 10-15 per cent annually. It is presupposed, that not less than 3 millions people will visit the above mentioned actions.

So-called ambassadors of the national program will help to make the project popular. More than a thousand people have already become ambassadors in more than 30 cities of Lithuania, among them there are a lot of celebrated personalities. Ambassadors of the program are offered to participate in taking Vilnius pictures competition, to send cards with the invitation to visit city, to write verses (haiku) and many other things. Our site will try to reflect events that will pass in Vilnius in every possible way.

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Date: 01/12/2008


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