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One of the most interesting monuments of all Lithuanian culture - the Old city of the capital of Lithuania of Vilnius - is significant not only for the architectural monuments, but also for the area which has a mysterious name Užupis. In this area an uncountable quantity of various workshops, galleries and cafe is situated.

The quarter is small in and as though isolated from the world around. In remote past Užupis was the suburb of Vilnius which population basically made usual handicraftsmen. In post-war years this area at all fell into decay. Here there were quarters where all poor of the desolate settled. This place was one of the most thrown in Vilnius.

However for next decades Užupis has revived and became a cultural city centre. It is similar to Montmartre in Paris and, certainly, is a success at tourists. Its isolation eventually has got the finished "administrative" form. Now if you want to arrive in Užupis during any holiday, you will have to pay, as in the past, a tribute. Only after that bridges will be lowered. In fact not for nothing they call the area "the Republic of Užupis ".

In 1997 this quarter declared independence and today has the currency, the president, the constitution, customs house. The motto of the quarter «Do not win, be not protected, do not surrender » is proclaimed by its inhabitants - the elite of the city which makes about 7 thousand people. There're artists, politicians, well-known architects, sculptors, painters, designers among them.

But, certainly, Užupis is famous not only for the elite and numerous galleries. It is a center of cultural monuments. Among them we can name Gonest Palace, Saint Bartholomew Church, Bernardines Monastery which is now equipped for private apartments, and, certainly, the well-known column with the Angel of Užupis - a symbol of republic.

Certainly, using so brief descriptions, it is difficult to ideate this fantastic site in the heart of Vilnius, a receptacle of spirit of the Lithuanian capital. Therefore completely to feel completely a local atmosphere of a fairy tale and sacrament, the only way that suits is to arrive in Užupis yourself.


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