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Temples of Vilnius

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Vilnius is an unusual city, it amazes with its harmony, calmness and mystery. And if you wish to be transferred to the past, to feel the atmosphere of former times you necessarily should visit the pearl of Lithuania. Here some tens ancient temples of various faiths are gathered: Catholic and Evangelical churches, orthodox and Uniat churches, old believe chapels, a synagogue, Karaim kenesa, chapels of untraditional religion which become the purpose of tourists from different countries.

One of the most known sights of the capital of Lithuania is Saint Anne's Gothic Church - the most beautiful building not only in Vilnius, but also in all Lithuania. During its existence the church was destroyed for some times and restored not once. Even now restoration works are conducted inside. The building of church is of the small size, the extended form. The center of the church is considered the main facade. In the northern part of the building there is a gallery which connects Saint Anna's Church and the Bernardines.

Saint Francis and Bernard Church, as well as Saint Anne's Church, was reconstructed many times. Earlier there were 14 altars in the church constructed in the rococo style, but today we can see the only escaped main altar. On the right of the church there is a steeple which draws attention of visitors. Two rows of steps connect it to a chapel which earlier had also been destroyed by the Frenchmen, but it was restored by 1920.

Saint Casimir’s Church was founded in the far year of 1604. Its construction proceeded during 12 years. The church is the first sample of the baroque style in Vilnius. During the reconstruction of the church which was made from 1750 till 1755, six pictures, connected with Saint Casimir’s life were placed here. In 1867 the church was altered into a cathedral, but at the beginning of 20 century it was returned back to Catholics. Today this place is visited mainly by Catholic youth of Vilnius. And certainly, Saint Casimir’s Church is not disregarded by tourists.

Saint Stanislaus Cathedral, the representative of classicism in Vilnius, is also a historical property of the capital of Lithuania. The building of the cathedral suffered from fires repeatedly, but nevertheless was built up anew under the order of the Lithuanian prince Vitovt. But not always Saint Stanislaus Cathedral remained a place of divine service. The picture gallery worked in the church since 1956. And only in October 1989 the cathedral was again solemnly opened for Catholics. Near the cathedral there is a steeple which was restored several times because of the damages in numerous wars. Today there're 17 bells of the various size on it, melodies were earlier played on them during holidays in the city.

Saint Peter and Paul Church is a pearl of the baroque of Vilnius. The temple with the strict columns outside seems modest enough. But the main advantage of the church is the interior competently equipped with a set of sculptural ornaments. Walls and domes inside the temple are so exquisitely trimmed, that it is hard to find such a luxury somewhere else. The church is also unusually illuminated: the luster in the form of the ship, made by the Lithuanian masters, is harmoniously combined with an interior of the building.


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