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Night life in Lithuania

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Night life in Lithuania consists mainly of two components – clubs and casinos. And both of them tend to involve as many guests as possible using the tactics of their competitors: casinos often organize different concerts and you can see playing machines in many night clubs.

Lithuania is a comparatively not very big country. That is why you can speak about night life in these three first-rate cities: Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda more or less definitely.

The capital of Lithuania, as it should be for any capital, holds the palm of supremacy in everything including all kinds of entertainment. Night clubs in Vilnius are the most fashionable in the country. Casinos in Vilnius are the richest (that is on second thought more likely to be a negative characteristic).

Till recently “Broadway”, which is situated in the center of the city not far from the building Ratusha, was generally accepted as a capital club №1 by the majority of tourists and native residents themselves. The constituent of its success is an excellent choice of music and alcoholic drinks in addition to the popularity to Bohemia surroundings. The main disadvantage of the institution due to its popularity is that quiet often it’s impossible to get there.

But you shouldn’t be annoyed with this fact. By the way there’s always some choice. The choice which Vilnius offers consists mainly of clubs with modern music (such clubs as “The Gravitation”, “The Galaxy”, “The New Orlean”) and men’s clubs with an obligatory striptease (“The Exclusive”, “An Old town”, “Wild Lithuanians”).

Kaunas welcomes its guests with several clubs situated in the center of the city (dance-non-stop till four o’clock). There are also some special places here: the club”Medusa” situated on an old steam ship which stands on the Neman, the restaurant Pizza Jazz which annually organizes the contest of ice sculpture just on the day of its opening.

As far as Klaipeda is concerned then speaking about the intensity of its night life it surpassed by far Kaunas and Vilnius. It’s explained very easily: till the middle of the 19-th century the city-port was allowed to have several brothels on its territory. Although Klaipeda has lost some part of its night life nowadays but it still holds the palm of supremacy. It’s mainly due to the dance club “Global” and several other establishments with an exotic decoration (“El-Color”, in the style of Lath, and a tropical “Gonolulu”). “Memel” is accepted as a center of night life in Klaipeda. This club combines the best three qualities: an excellent restaurant, a pub with the best beer in the city and the club with perfect music of course. “Memel” is situated in an old city on the most popular street in Klaipeda-on the quay to Dane.


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Lithuania sucks big time want good time to go Ibiza :)


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Best time can be had in Algeria, Colombia and Afghanistan. Superb for true men.


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Never try, never know :) Every place has to offer something unique, it all depends how open minded people are...


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