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Klaipėda Sights

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Seaport Klaipėda is a striking place in Lithuania. In this city you’ll have an excellent rest and enjoy wonderful nature for sure. Besides, you will also have a chance to visit unforgettable places that you will recollect through all your life then. A well-developed infrastructure in the sphere of leisure will help you to make the right choice.

It is worth starting your holiday in Klaipėda with the Old City. The distinctive feature of this place is that many buildings here are half-timbering. However, you will also be able to notice the elements of modern, too. It is possible to walk along the street of the Old City for a long time and even not notice how quickly the time passes. A great number of houses with tiled roofs are situated close to each other. They make some kind of a labyrinth where it is very simple to get lost. In theatre squire of the Old City there is the Simon Dach’s fountain and sculpture of Anika from Torava– the character from a Lithuanian song. Both the fountain and the sculpture are the symbols of the Old City.

After the Old City you can visit the Clock Museum. There is a large and unique collection of various chronometers here. Here you can see the device with the help of which our ancestors tried to measure the time. Walking along the museum halls you can see various kinds of clocks: fire clock, water clock, sand glass, sun clock, etc. These expositions will surely let you to go 2 centrist back to the past. Of course, you should also pay your attention to the mechanical clock that was made in the 16th century. If you do not know what clock it is better to give to a woman you love as a birthday present, then here you will also find a large collection of modern clocks.

It is also impossible to imagine a trip to Klaipėda without a visit to a Smithy Museum. A large part of the exposition is presented by the examples of metal crosses, fence and other elements of design. First of all the museum illustrates the stages of the development of this marvelous profession. Unfortunately, it almost disappeared in the times of technological progress. However, you can not only admire the works of the famous blacksmiths, you can even buy them.

A special sight of Klaipėda is a Sculpture Park. The place in unique by the fact that the park was the German cemetery before. “The red terror destroyed not only the live. It also destroyed the dead. And it hasn’t been stopped on Klaipėda cemetery …” – this inscription reminds the visitors of the Park about its past. Every year the sculptors from Lithuania and other countries come here in order to present their work.

When in Klaipėda visit the Sea Museum. It consists of several sections: the Sea Museum, aquarium, the Curonian Spit Nature Museum and dolphinarium. The basic part of exposition is live exhibits: fish, mammals and birds. The fans of sea romance will get much pleasure from examining the ship models and detail of ship equipment of different epochs. In the open area of the museum you will also see real vessels and various anchor constructions.

If you like holidays and celebrations, then you should go to Klaipėda in the end of summer. In the last days of July Klaipėda becomes a very noisy and merry city. Many people leave their house to enjoy the joyous atmosphere of Klaipėda. This way Juros Svente (a merry sea holiday) begins. It is hold every summer in Klaipėda.


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